DBAs are you pleasantly surprised?

Article review of “DICE TECH JOB REPORT ISSUE #3 Q2 2020” In their words “Hiring Trends in the Time of COVID-19 … data was provided by Dice’s partner, Burning Glass Technologies …” I always like to read about how my IT and DBA collegues are fairing in the job market especially during 2020 the year… Continue reading DBAs are you pleasantly surprised?

12 disruptions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

Review of the article: 12 Ways COVID-19 Will Change the Tech Industry by John Miley, Senior Associate Editor. Miley covers technology, telecom, and education for The Kiplinger Letter. In Miley’s words ‘… a collection of some significant tech shifts that bear watching.’ Miley lists these 12 ways that the tech industry will change and details… Continue reading 12 disruptions due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)!

Certified DBAs are you really in demand?

Review of article: Which Tech Jobs Demand Certifications? by Nick Kolakowski. In Kolakowski words: “For this analysis, we relied on Burning Glass, which collects and analyzes millions of job postings from across the country.” Kolakowski points out some interesting data points that he found from Burning Glass job postings. The two data points that I… Continue reading Certified DBAs are you really in demand?

Companies hiring during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Over 6 million people have already filed for unemployment due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). It will get worse. If you or anyone in your family, extended family, friends, neighbors and other colleagues have lost their job due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), I have listed companies hiring during Coronavirus (COVID-19). Note: LONG, LONG lines at any company holding… Continue reading Companies hiring during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

DBAs do you need to transform your life?

Book review of: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR DUMMIES by Zeus Kerravala. The book is a short 44 pages. Note: this free ebook is a Mitel Special Edition that can be downloaded here: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR DUMMIES. The book is not specifically geared to IT professionals but will help everyone understand the basics of digital transformation and… Continue reading DBAs do you need to transform your life?