DBAs, How high maintenance are you?

Webinar review of “Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance” by Eric Blinn. Blinn has been a SQL Server DBA and Architect in the Legal, Software, Transportation, and Insurance industries for over 10 years. In their words: “Proper maintenance of a SQL Server requires several steps that need to run in harmony. From backups, corruption checks,… Continue reading DBAs, How high maintenance are you?

DBAs do you BURP?

Ok so NOT that BURP. BURP is Backup Recovery Practices…. Right? Review of webinar: Backup and Recovery Best Practices by Michael Wall. Wall is a SR Database Administrator and local SQL Server User Group Leader. Pragmatic Works Inc is the sponsor and in their words: “Backups are the NUMBER ONE responsibility for database administrators… we… Continue reading DBAs do you BURP?

Top 3 FREE SQL Server Webinar URLs

Webinars, Webcasts, online events, resources, videos or whatever you might need. Lots of FREE SQL Server training and information for SQL Server DBAs. These are my top 3 FREE SQL Server Webinar URLs. https://www.sentryone.com/resources SentryOne webinars with Kevin Kline and many other SQL Server gurus. Every webinar that I have watched is always a must… Continue reading Top 3 FREE SQL Server Webinar URLs

DBAs are you trendy?

Webinar review of: “The Top 4 Data Technology Trends Every DBA Should Know About in 2019” by Kevin Kline a SentryOne Principal Program Manager, Mark Allison a DevOps data engineer working for Sabin.IO, Chrissy LeMaire the creator of the popular PowerShell module, dbatools and David Klee the founder of Heraflux Technologies. The webinar was presented… Continue reading DBAs are you trendy?

DBAs will git it after reading this!

This is a webinar review: “An Introduction to GitHub for DBAs” by Brent Ozar on Feb 8, 2019. Ozar states the “.. video is about the bare minimum to get started with GitHub”. In the webinar, Ozar walks through a code change to sp_blitzlock which is a free DBA tool by Ozar. Some points made… Continue reading DBAs will git it after reading this!