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So you want to be a freelance DBA, DBA consultant or DBA Gig worker?

Many, many great points and key questions asked and answered in a webcast by Kendra Little at
Dear SQL DBA: I Want to Work for Myself

2 webinar quotes from Kendra: “Freelancing ain’t easy” and “It’s really hard”.

Just a few webcast points…

  • What do I want to sell …Services , products, tools?
  • How to price …Services , products, tools?
  • Whats the sales pitch?
  • Who are my customers?
  • How do I run the business?
  • Path #1 The expert
  • Path #2 The Side Hustle
  • Don’t get burned out!

The webcast is 31 minutes long and well worth listening to anyone looking at being a freelance DBA, DBA consultant or DBA Gig worker. This webcast will make you think about the many, many realities of working for yourself as a SQL Server DBA.

On a personal note, I owned an IT consulting business for 5 years. And I was an IT consultant for 2 years before going back to a full-time job. Reasons that I left both: burnout, health insurance for wife and 5 children, 401K matching, paid vacation time and many other company benefits.