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Book review of “Wait, I’m Working with Who?!?: The Essential Guide to Dealing with Difficult Coworkers, Annoying Managers, and Other Toxic Personalities” by Peter Economy. Economy is the bestselling author of Managing for Dummies and is The Leadership Guy at He has more than 1,500 columns published to date.

In their words ” … go-to guide on working with anyone in your office-from the difficult or negative to the toxic and destructive …”.

Ways that jerks affect everyone at the workplace

  • Lost productivity
  • High turnover
  • Calling in sick at critical project times
  • Excessive socializing
  • Company culture of ambivalence

Ways that bad bosses are jerks too

  • Unclear/changing expectations
  • Micro-manager
  • Avoids team/project involvement
  • Discourages personal development

Here’s my takeaways after reading this book:

  • Take a simple approach to workplace challenges
  • Neutralize negative people and conflicts
  • Remove the buttons pushed by your jerk
  • Ignore the small stuff

Ok DBA colleagues, I hope you don’t have to work with jerks! Ok everyone works with a jerk at some point in their career. When you do, this book will help you overcome the many obstacles that jerk causes. The book “Wait, I’m Working with Who?!?” by Peter Economy. gets a thumbs up! Right?

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