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Ok so maybe this top 3 list of SQL Server certification website URLs are just mine, but maybe these should be yours too. Right?

  1. Microsoft Learn Certifications – Find all the Microsoft information on training, certifications, exams, free ebooks and more.
  2. Microsoft Learn Certification Retirement – Check to make sure your certifications reflect the latest Microsoft technologies.
  3. Certification Magazine – Magazine with current data available about technology certification programs from a variety of vendors including Microsoft.


  • Azure exams, classes and certification options have increased dramatically.
  • An Azure class has already been retired because of the fast changing nature of Azure.
  • SQL Server exams are still good for MCSA and MCSE.
  • Expect SQL Server 2012/2014 exams to be retired at some point soon (i.e. 70-461, 70-462, 70-463, 70-464).
  • Expect SQL Server 2016 exams to be retired at some point too (i.e. 70-465, 70-466, 70-467).
  • Other SQL Server exams can be used for Azure certifications (i.e. 70-761, 70-762, 70-763, 70-764, 70-765, 70-767, 70-768).

SQL Server certification is not a magic wand that makes you an awesome SQL Server DBA. However, it is a tool to guage where you actually are in your knowledge of SQL Server. Reality is that SQL Server exams will be needed to get Azure certifications. And Azure certifications will eventually replace SQL Server certifications. That is something SQL Server DBAs should have been adjusting for already.

Certification may not get you a bump in salary at your current job. And it can be a disadvantage if you just passed the certification tests and really never used the technology. But it might be the one item that helps you edge out another candidate for that dream job in the future. Right? It worked for me and I eventually retired from that dream job!