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This DBA dilemma is not a joke

The text from the Chicago Tribune newspaper on October 24, 2021 of the Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams.

Boss – We must base our decision on data!
Dilbert – How can we be sure the data is accurate?
Boss – You have to do a deep dive on the data so you can see for yourself.
Dilbert – You mean run my own tests?
Boss – No you fool! Just look at the data from the tests other people did.
Dilbert – How do I know I can trust those other people?
Boss – You just have to use your best judgement.
Dilbert – Instead of data?
Boss – I hate you so much right now.

Unfortunately, this conversation and many others like it happens too many times with SQL Server DBAs and upper management.

My fellow DBA colleagues, when faced with dilemmas, just stand your ground, justify your reasons, compromise as needed, and then go forth with your agreed upon plan of attack.

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