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Dbas .. Are you Blowin’ in the solar wind?

Short notes from an on-demand video sponsored by Solarwinds and MSSQLtips: Identify and Eliminate SQL Server Performance Monitoring Issues by Brian Kelly

From the Webcast abstract: ‘Are you struggling with pesky SQL Server performance issues that are impacting your business? Are you not sure where to turn next to focus your efforts to resolve the issue?’.

SQL Server options for performance tuning

  • Profiler (deprecated in future versions… you knew that right?)
  • Extended events (replacement for SQL Server profiler)
  • DMV (lots of choices… too many choices and not easy to interpret results)
  • Query store (sql 2016 and up only but another feature you need to learn)

Best practices for monitoring

  • Monitor specific items (or you will sift thru gigs of worthless data)
  • Store data for trending analysis (a must to compare and predict similar issues)


  • OS alerts are weak (not the most accurate at times)
  • SQL agent alerts (SQL agent might be stopped or restarted or failing)
  • What items do you alert on (you can alert on too many items)

This on-demand webinar reviews various SQL Performance monitoring options and allows you to see a SolarWinds solution to help address SQL Server performance issues.