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I watched an interesting webinar ‘DBA vs memory settings’ by Kendra Little and Jason Hall a couple of months ago. You can see it on demand at the Quest website:

Description at the Quest web link: ‘Kendra Little and Jason Hall will play around with various configurations of Max Server Memory, Min Server Memory and Lock Pages in Memory and watch SQL Server squirm – for science!’

Kendra did the demo on SQL Server 2017 and Windows 2016 server.

Some noteworthy points made by Kendra during the demo:
Lock pages in memory offers no guarantees and its complicated.
Memory working set not the same as private bytes.
Max server memory can go below even with locked pages enabled.
Min server memory hates to go below the minimum but it actually can.

Jason Hall did a demo on the Quest Foglight tools that can automate the monitoring, alerting, trending reports and baseline creation for the SQL Server memory tweaks discussed.

Well worth watching the webinar to see how SQL Server reacts when tweaking some commonly set SQL Server memory settings.