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Hey SQL Server DBAs your gonna be extinct!

Ok SQL Server DBAs, so you might not be extinct unless you resist change. The SQL Server DBA title and responsibilities are certainly changing. Change is good. Right?

I listened to an interesting webinar by Peter O Connell and Pini Dibask titled ‘Is the DBA Dead or alive and preparing for the future?

Some of the webinar excerpts are pointing to changes that YOU should be ready to adapt to.

  • The SQL Server DBA Role is changing but leads to a bright future.
  • SQL Server DBA’s will be moving from the background and expendable to the key person to manage and secure data. The CFO may know your name!
  • Megatrends that will drive changes to SQL Server DBA responsibilities.
    • Cloud – 70% of DBA’s see this as the biggest trend and $178 billion already being spent
    • Big Data
    • Automation
    • NOSQL AI
  • Prepare for future
    • Least automated processes will be performance.
    • The most automated processes reduce repetitive tasks like backups, deployments, SQL Server configurations.
    • DBA’s will assist companies to drive more innovation and business value from data.

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Finally let’s remember what Mark Twain said
“The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”