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Review of article: A Real Digital Infrastructure at Last by Eric Schmidt. Schmidt is the former Executive Chairman & CEO of Google. He is currently the technical advisor to Alphabet and chair of the US Department of Defense’s Defense Innovation Advisory Board. NOTE: This article is from the Weekend Wall Street Journal on March 28, […]

DBAs do you play to win?

On October 3, 2019

Book review: “How to Win in a Winner-Take-All World: The Definitive Guide to Adapting and Succeeding in High-Performance Careers” by Neil Irwin and published June 2019. Irwin is a senior e

Book review of: ‘Ninja Future: Secrets to Success in the New World of Innovation’ by Gary Shapiro. Gary is the president and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association and a New York Times bestselling author. ‘Ninja Future’ was just released in January 2019. Ok so you have heard these buzzwords a gazillion times (unless you […]
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