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IT Skills and Salary Report


Always interesting to look at salary surveys from different sources such as the ‘2017 IT Skills and Salary Report‘ by Global Knowledge

Here’s a couple of interesting stats found in the ‘2017 IT Skills and Salary Report’ by Global Knowledge.

  • ‘Data Management / Analytics / Business Intelligence’ had a US mean salary of $89,497 with the Pacific region coming in at a mean of $102,775.
  • ‘Cloud computing’ jobs had the highest average salary at $114,043.
  • Highest paying industry was ‘IS and VAR integartion’ at a mean salry of of $110,108.
  • ‘Global satifaction vs likelihood to pursue a new position’ showed 41% likely to pursue a new position.
  • Online research was the method most used at 80% in US and Canada for information and training. Webinars came in at 68%.

Not many surprises, but the 41% of IT workers likely to pursue a new position should be a concern to IT managers and executives.

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