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The best SQL Server DBA Job Interview resource

The best SQL Server DBA Job Interview resource

Brent Ozar has the best SQL Server DBA Job Interview resource called:
DBA Job Interview Questions & Answers Kit. From the Brent Ozar website: “because after you’ve mastered the rest of our stuff, you’re gonna want a better job. Also, if you DON’T master this stuff, you’re gonna get fired, and then you’re gonna need a job, period.”

The complete online course will take you about 2 hours to complete. It covers these topics:

  • Core DBA questions – Things most DBAs should know.
  • Infrastructure DBA questions – Hardware, storage, virtualization and Windows.
  • Development DBA questions – Performance tuning queries and indexes.
  • Screenshot questions – Look at a screenshot and explain what you see.
  • Open-ended questions – Story-telling questions where you can talk about your experience.
  • Bad DBA Job Detector Test – Gauge your own goals, read a job description and understand whether the job fits you.
  • Questions For YOU to Ask – List of several key questions.

Best line in the intro……. DBA stands for Default Blame Acceptor.

Best advice to job hunters…. Say NO if you have not used a feature or know little about the question asked.

All the lessons are very easy listening with lots of questions and possible followup questions. Great insight into how your answers will dictate additional questions. You should easily find at least one or two interview questions and / or followup interview questions that you never thought about.

This SQL Server DBA Job Interview resource is a MUST for managers hiring a SQL Server DBA as well as for the SQL Server DBA on the job hunt.