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‘The Just 100’ companies for DBA job hunters

‘The Just 100’ companies for job hunters

On February 8th I blogged about the ‘Top 3 Ways to find your ideal next job as a SQL Server Database Administrator’. The first bullet was ‘Search for the fastest growing companies in your local area and research which might be best for you. For example, the Chicago Crain’s and Fortune magazine publishes a list of these companies.’

Well Forbes magazine issued a special issue with an article title ‘The Just 100 – Competition is the new union‘ by Maggie McGrath

According to Forbes, a “just” company means producing quality goods, treating customers well, minimizing environmental impact, supporting the communities businesses operate in, committing to ethical (and diverse) leadership, and above all, treating workers well.

‘The Just 100’ list of companies is a great resource for DBA job hunters to start your research on where you want to work at whether it’s your first job or your next job.

Best of luck in your job search!