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Top 3 Reasons to refuse a SQL Server Database Administrator job offer

As nerve wracking as the job search process is already, do NOT jump at the first opportunity you are offered. Consider these 3 reasons to refuse a job offer.

  1. 1 Corporate culture just does not fit your personality.
    Observe as you walk into the building and to meeting rooms what things look like. How is the office setup? How many employees seem engaged?  Better yet ask for a tour of the area where you will be working. Try to meet some team members.
  2. Actual position sounds boring with no opportunity for you to grow your career.
    Make sure you ask what the career path is for the job. How fast you can move into higher positions? What projects are in the pipeline?
  3. 3 Salary and benefits are not what was expected.
    However, don’t base it solely on salary. Are you getting flex hours, remote work, additional insurance coverage, stock options, bonuses, 401K matching,   etc.