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Top 3 Ways to find your ideal next job as a SQL Server Database Administrator

  1. Search for the fastest growing companies in your local area and research which might be best for you. For example, the Chicago Crain’s and Fortune magazine publishes a list of these companies.
  2. Review employee comments and end user comments to determine it the company is a fit for for you.  Glassdoor offers an insight to companies based on employee comments however there will always be more negative complainers. The Better Business Bureau offers end user comments on a company services and products. Run from any company with excessive complaints from employees or customers.
  3. Attend conferences, job fairs, hiring events. These events offer great opportunities to network with other employees at a company that might be of interest to you. You might even bump into some co-workers from past employers.

You need to take the initiative and find the company you feel is in the right industry and fit for you.  Or are you waiting for a company to find you?