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SQL Server DBAs don’t make mistakes! Right?


Webinar review: Top 10 SQL Server Mistakes made by DBAs by Kevin Kline. Kline is a principal program manager at Sentry One. Sentry One mission from their website: ‘SentryOne empowers the Microsoft data professional to achieve breakthrough performance across physical, virtual and cloud environments’.

Kline discusses in detail 10 SQL Server mistakes that DBAs make. BTW, the mistakes listed below are mostly due to process and business issues.

  • Storage
  • Thinking Space but not I/O Speed
    SSD is a game changer for I/O

  • Business Ignorance
  • Master all aspects of SQL Server internals
    Guardian of corporate assets – THE DATA not the hardware
    Know your business cycles, best down times, benchmarks, whats normal, etc

  • No Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Need a step by step methodology for root-cause analysis

  • Going with the Defaults
  • Reliability is Microsoft default settings. Not performance!

  • Security as an Afterthought
  • SQL injection is still the #1 hack
    How do you find out the who, what, and when of a breach?

  • Inadequate Automation
  • Work “smarter” instead of “harder”

  • Wrong Feature or Technique for the Job
  • There are no IT projects.
    There are business projects solved using IT.

  • Apathy about Development, DevOps, and Change Management
  • DBAs must consider all T-SQL code as the realm of the Dev team
    Change management of database artifacts is very important
    DevOps vs Change Control versus CI/CD?

  • Inadequate Preventative Maintenance
  • Database consistency checks (DBCC), Backups, Restore checks
    Defragmentation, Fill factor, Pad Index, Index Statistics

  • Backups <> Recovery
  • Can you actually restore older, archived data?
    How long will it take?

Kline also discussed some bonus SQL Server blunders like no SQL agent alerts, etc. Kline mentioned some free SQL Server DBA tools like the Sentry One resource library, #sqlhelp on twitter,,, sp_whoisactive, sp_firstresponderkit and Glenn Berry’s diagnostic DMV queries.

Kline really hits it on the head for this list of SQL Server mistakes made by DBAs. As Kline stated ‘It’s all about the DATA… All the time, Every time’! Thumbs up for the webinar ‘Top 10 SQL Server Mistakes made by DBAs’. A must watch for all SQL Server DBAs!

SQL Serer DBAs don’t make mistakes! uhhhhh… Right?


Udemy – SQL Server 2019: Whats New – In this course you will learn about the major new enhancements and features in SQL Server 2019 and SSMS 18.0.

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