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Webinar review of “Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance” by Eric Blinn. Blinn has been a SQL Server DBA and Architect in the Legal, Software, Transportation, and Insurance industries for over 10 years.

In their words: “Proper maintenance of a SQL Server requires several steps that need to run in harmony. From backups, corruption checks, index maintenance, data archiving, pruning system tables …”

These are a few points Blinn discussed during the webinar.


  • Native (full, differential and transaction log)
  • Non-native (Must be application aware)
  • VM snapshots are not SQL backups
  • Disaster recovery
  • Mistake recovery
  • Testing
  • Check timing of all backup tasks
  • Secure backups – offsite is the best


  • Logical inconsistencies
  • Broken linked list
  • Unintended changes to data due to software / hardware glitches
  • Any of the above will probably have data loss
  • Set checksum page verification flag on every database
  • DBCC CheckDB – Physical only is an option

Index maintenance

  • Logical defragmenting
  • Statistical metadata updates
  • Creating new and dropping old indexes
  • Review timings on all index maintenance tasks
  • DO NOT shrink database


  • Verify and change SQL Server database settings
  • Alert notification emails
  • Maintenance plans
  • Review maintenance report files
  • Ola Hallengren SQL Server Maintenance Solution MUCH better and MORE power
  • Missing indexes

Software Updates

  • Security and bug fixes
  • SPs and CUs
  • Review timings on software updates

Review SQL logs

  • Review timings on SQL log reviews


  • has an option for SQL Server updates: update-dbainstance

My SQL Server DBA colleagues, SQL Server maintenance is so boring but so critical. This webinar provides a nice review on many SQL Server maintenance items you should be monitoring.

I give the webinar “Best Practices for SQL Server Maintenance” by Eric Blinn a thumbs up. Right?

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