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Get your motor running...
Get your motor running…

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Today was my last day as a SQL Server DBA and I am officially retired from the workforce. Baby Boomers rule!

It’s hard to believe that I worked in IT for 45+ years in so many roles including programmer, analyst, manager, consultant and SQL Server Database Administrator (DBA). I worked at 2 companies that went from small to IPO to a thriving public company. I also ran a 10 man consulting company for 5 years.

So what will I do in retirement?

Well besides sleep…… Enjoy all the activities I can with my 11 grandchildren and 5 children.

Of course travel! And did I say sleep!!

Oh I guess I will need to keep busy … when I’m NOT sleeping!!!

So to keep busy I be managing the web content on 100+ websites. And that also means some posts here on that will hopefully provide you with SQL Server tidbits, ideas and insights. I will try to post weekly on Thursday at 4pm in case you can’t wait.

Got questions about being a SQL Server DBA or surviving 45+ years in IT or perhaps your stories of retiring from the workforce in IT, just email me at

Credit for the blog title to the song words from Born to Be Wild by Steppenwolf.