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The SQL Server DBA robots are coming…. The SQL Server DBA robots are coming….

Will SQL Server Database Administrators become extinct because automation has replaced so many SQL Server database administrator tasks?

Hmmmmmmm. Well many of you have probably already seen many of your tasks eliminated by automation or taken over by other associates.

    Here’s what you probably have automated or maybe SHOULD HAVE automated already.

  • SQL Server installation on new virtual servers servers.
  • SQL Server hot fixes and service packs
  • SQL Server configuration
  • SQL Server code maintenance
  • SQL Server alerts
  • SQL Server schema compares
  • SQL Server data compares
  • SQL Server backups
  • SQL Server restores of backups to prove the backup integrity
    What you probably won’t be doing in the future

  • Building a virtual SQL Server (Cloud databases will not require any hardware expertise)
  • Writing SQL Server stored procs with business logic (let the programmers do that)
  • Creating database tables (let the programmers do that)
  • Performance testing (QA testers will do that)
  • Writing SQL server T-SQL code to fix data issues (Help desk will be doing that)
    No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQL Server Database Administrators will not become extinct because they will be doing these items!

  • Secure and manage security of the company data
  • Performance tune bad T-SQL queries and business logic T-SQL queries
  • Monitor SQL server
  • Investigate and fix any alerts
  • Fix any SQL Server job failures
  • Verify database schema changes
  • All the baby boomers are leaving the workforce. Someone besides me must be a SQL Server DBA?

So calm down, there should be plenty of work for SQL Server DBA’s for the near future,. But it may not be a bad idea to keep your skills current with the latest and greatest versions of all the tools you use.

And that includes SQL Server training!