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DBA Trends Survey – Part 2 of 3 – DBA’s

DBA Trends Survey – Part 2 of 3 – DBA’s

Everybody loves to fill out surveys. Right?  Ugh I just never found the time to fill em out. But then again I had to send em back using snail mail. You remember snail mail? Right?

But some interesting stats from this research project By Dr. Elliot King


Number of DBAs in the organization
1 to 10 DBA’s – 46%
11 to 14 DBA’s – 29%
25+ DBAs – 25%

Approximately how many database instances does each DBA manage?
1 – 25 -54%
26 – 100 -31%
101 + -11%

Where do DBAs who are administering on-premises database typically devote the most time? (Multiple responses allowed.)
Maintenance -70%
Performance -63%

Over the next three years, what do you think will be the top challenges facing DBAs?
Incorporating cloud technologies -51%
Automating more tasks associated with database management -41%
Incorporating non-relational data management technologies -31%

Which technology trends do you think will have the most impact on database administration over the next three years?
Cloud 74%
Big Data 49%
Automation 36%

Over the next three years, what do you think will be the top administrative challenges facing DBAs? (Multiple responses allowed.)
The need to manage more databases per DBA 51%
The need to manage new, nonrelational technologies 40%
Shrinking IT budgets 32%

I was a bit surprised that 54% of users responding to the survey have 11+ DBAs on staff. I NEVER worked with more than 7 DBAs at any company. In fact 3 or less DBAs was the normal for me.