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SQL Server Internals Webinar by Kalen Delaney


Back on 10/12/17, I blogged about Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Internals by Kalen Delaney as one of my favorite SQL server books. I then said ‘I wish these books were updated for each SQL Server version especially SQL Server 2017 as all were great reference books that were referred to many times.’

Well I bumped into these Kalen Delaney’s SQL Server Webinars right after I wrote that. The webinars do an awesome explanation of SQL Server 2016 metadata.

The weekly webinars can be found here: weekly webinars

The topic of the webinars will be focused on SQL Server Metadata, using examples from SQL Server 2016. Most of the information covered will also be relevant to SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2012 as well.

Specific topics include:
Why we need to understand metadata
Metadata overview
Metadata security
Metadata objects

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