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Article review from by: Maria Zakourdaev: Receive SQL Server Alerts through Slack

Zakourdaev makes some excellent points for using Slack to receive SQL Server alerts.

  • Email inboxes are frequently overloaded with spam messages and company communications
  • … already using Slack … for team collaboration
  • … send alerts to the specific person or to the channel with multiple members
  • Send messages to another team’s channel …
  • All messages in every channel become indexed and searchable
  • Slack integrates with many apps and services that you may already use …
  • Slack on your cellphone lets you get notifications from all your channels …

DBAs you need a SQL Server 2017 server for the Python code in the article to run. And you must install the Python package as described in the article by Zakourdaev. DBAs now have a great reason to set up a server with SQL Server 2017 and learn some Python. Right?

P.s. DBAs it’s time to get serious about Slack as Slack Technologies has filed for an IPO to become a public company. Got some spare change to pick up a couple of shares?