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SQL Server DBA vs the Developer… and the winner is?

Webinar review of: ‘DBA vs the Developer‘ by Pinal Dave and sponsored by Solarwinds.

Pinal started by saying ‘DBA vs the Developer (relationship) is like Tom and Jerry (the cartoon)’.

He also stated ‘SQL Server DBAs are dinosaurs? People still code in Cobol!’

Pinal then led an interesting code walk-thru and discussion on these items that can lead DBAs and developers into wrong conclusions.

  • Data type precedence with implicit conversions
  • Auto_create_statistics on/off as well as Auto_update_statistics on/off
  • Fix query without changing query or data by using a computed column
  • Resource_Semaphore wait type

This is a worthwhile webinar to watch as it shows ways DBAs and developers can jump to wrong conclusions when code goes bad on SQL Server.

And the winner of the SQL Server DBA vs the Developer is? NOBODY!

Nobody wins when both DBAs and developers can’t find common ground to fix any issue. Right?