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Webinar review: When “Good Enough” is costing you money by Kevin Kline and Steve Wright. Kevin Kline is a Principal Program Manager at SentryOne and Steve Wright is the Director of Sales Enablement at SentryOne. Webinar link can be found at:

The webinar premise is there are numerous tools and methods to monitor your data estate. SQL Server DBAs want to be alerted as soon as possible, troubleshoot and resolve those issues as quickly as possible, and improve long term performance.

These are some of the bullet points as discussed by Kline and Wright in the webinar.

Good enough monitoring tools problems

  • Does it cause as many problems as they help solve?
  • Does it fail to provide actionable details to pinpoint the root cause?
  • Is it difficult to maintain?
  • Does it scale to your data estate’s expected growth?
  • Does it work in all environments (on-prem, virtual, multi-cloud)?

The cost of downtime is not good enough

  • Average cost of IT downtime is $5600/min
  • Fortune 500 company average cost is $50,000/min

Good enough application performance monitors (APM)

  • According to a Gleanster Research APM survey…
  • 88% said the most common source of APM issues was the database
  • 71% said the current APM tools provide hints but rarely identify the root cause
  • 71% said that manual analysis of log data is frequently necessary

Good enough custom scripts

  • Used to augment an inadequate monitoring tool
  • Maintenance is difficult and becomes a full-time job
  • Rarely provide valuable granularity and/or significant historical detail

Wait statistics are not good enough

  • Overly simplistic focus on waits
  • A complete picture and root cause requires more information
  • Focusing on waits keeps you in reactive state

Good enough monitoring tools and custom scripts have hidden costs

  • Requires multiple servers for multiple databases to handle 100+ monitored servers
  • Agents must be installed on every monitored server
  • Dedicated full-time administrators might be needed for the monitoring tools

I give the webinar: “When Good Enough is costing you money” a thumbs up! Right?

There is a SentryOne SQL Server monitoring platform demo at the end of the webinar. It’s worth watching so you can compare to your existing monitoring tools.