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Webinar review of “Watch Brent Tune Queries” by Brent Ozar. Ozar says “I make Microsoft SQL Server go faster”

Here are the points that Ozar discusses before he goes into a 40-minute demo to tune up a stored procedure. Ozar calls the following process “B.E. C.R.E.E.P.I.” i.e. Be Creepy.

  • Blitz the box
  • End user requirement gathering
  • Capture the metrics and query plan
  • Read the metrics and query plan
  • Experiment with the query cost
  • Execution plan review
  • Parallelism opportunities
  • Index Improvements

Ozar breaks down specific steps in his process to tune a SQL Server query. Ozar’s demo and explanation of what and why to look at specifics to tune a query is excellent. Bonus is that Ozar uses SQL Server 2019 in the demo. The stored procs and database Ozar uses in the webinar can also be downloaded at the webinar URL.

Tuning queries to gain performance is at the top of critical DBA tasks that are done on a daily basis. I give the webinar “Watch Brent Tune Queries” by Brent Ozar a thumbs up!

DBAs you want to stay tuned all the time! Right?


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