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Webinar review of: “Year in review with Kendra Little, Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey and Kathi Kellenberger: The best of 2018 and our predictions for 2019

This webinar was about Microsoft SQL Server the year in review for 2018 and some 2019 predictions. The webinar was sponsored by Redgate and the panel of speakers work for Redgate in some capacity. This webinar is worth a watch as many wide ranging topics are discussed by the entire panel. You must listen to the last couple of minutes of the webinar for the ‘Greatest DevOPS poem ever written’.

These are just a few points and comments made during the 1 hour Microsoft SQL Server webinar.

  • Azure machine learning is being used to find patterns in data and make predictions.
  • You may not be a data scientist but you will need to support them.
  • SQL injection must die!
  • Devops and version control are hot topics.
  • Security and AI have advanced and become much more complex.
  • Too many data breeches and hacks in 2018.
  • It’s much easier for bad things to happen with your data.
  • Watch for developments with Redgate’s Project Spawn.
  • Azure data studio is constantly changing.
  • Jupyter Notebook looks interesting.

Redgate put together a team of well known SQL Server evangelists for this wide ranging webinar. This webinar and additional Redgate webinars can be seen at is NOT affiliated with, funded, or in any way associated with Redgate. 2019 prediction: SQL Server vendors and Microsoft will release updated versions and patches of their products. Duh!

Carnac the Magnificent was a great bit by Johnny Carson and sidekick Ed McMahon. Carnac was a “mystic from the East” who would psychically “divine” answers to unseen questions (google it). Sorta like DBAs trying to answer ‘Why is the system slow?” Right?