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And the winner is………. Axxxx Xxxxxxxx


Aaron Bertrand who first reported SQL Server 2019 CTP2 was released for public download by Microsoft. Bertrand’s email from MSSQLTips was in my mailbox at 10:48am on 9/24/18. What’s New in the First Public CTP of SQL Server 2019 by Aaron Bertrand.

Bertrand’s article gives a high level overview of SQL Server 2019 new engine features under five categories: performance, troubleshooting, security, availability, and development. Excellent information since Bertrand states he ‘….had the luxury of early access’ to SQL Server 2019.

Brent Ozar chimed in only 17 minutes later in my email inbox with What’s New in SQL Server 2019’s sys.messages: More Unannounced Features. Ozar lists quite a bit of stuff not yet documented or announced by Microsoft. Well worth the read.

And finally I bumped into SQL Server 2019 leaked video by WalkingCat. The video is a short 1 minute and 31 seconds. However, it has a great last line in the video to justify upgrading to SQL Server 2019 “…. shorten the distance from data to action”.

So SQL Server 2018 is dead as a door nail. Great! Right?

Ummmmmm…. It means your production SQL server version in now another year older. Even SQL Server 2017 is 2 years old! Still on SQL Server 2012? Oh it’s only 7 years behind. Let’s get with the program DBAs. How hard can it be to get a new SQL Server version in production? Ugh good luck my fellow DBAs.

Best advice I can offer is to create a new virtual server with Microsoft Windows Server 2019 and SQL Server 2019 (MUST READ preview release notes below). Oh you haven’t had the time to test your current production SQL Server version and applications on Microsoft Windows Server 2019? Ummmmmm…. Oh boy my head hurts writing that! Soooooooo glad that I’m retired!

Here’s some additional information from Microsoft on SQL Server 2019:

SQL Server 2019 preview release notes

    Note Preview releases of SQL Server are not supported or licensed for production use.
    • The following scenarios are explicitly unsupported:
    • Side-by-side installation with other versions of SQL Server
    • Uninstallation
    • Upgrade from a previous edition of SQL Server

SQL Server 2019 Documentation

What’s new in SQL Server 2019

SQL Server 2019 preview combines SQL Server and Apache Spark to create a unified data platform

Download SQL Server 2019 CTP Evaluation

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