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Dbas, Do you need Help?

In SQL Server
On March 25, 2021
Webinar review of “Help! My SQL Server Maintenance Takes Too Long!” by Argenis Fernandez and Brent Ozar. Fernandez is a Principal Field Solutions Architect for Pure Storage. Ozar is Founder/Owner of Brent Ozar Unlimited. The webinar was sponsored by Pure Storage. In their words “In this session, Brent will give you three queries to run […]

DBAs need a WorkLab!

On March 4, 2021

Article review: “Introducing WorkLab. A new digital publication devoted to the future of work” By Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365. In their words “We aim to

Review of webinar: How to Reduce Your Database Costs by Guy Glanster and Kevin Kline. Guy Glanster is the CEO and Founder of Madeira Data Solutions. Kevin Kline is the Principal Program Manager of SentryOne. In their words “… we will focus on the Microsoft Data Platform and talk about various ways in which you […]
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