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Top 3 Social Media Tips for landing a SQL Server Database Administrator job

  1. Create a professional email account
    Use something like at one of the free email sites such as Hotmail, Gmail, etc. Update all social media sites with this new email address. Do NOT use the professional email account except for career and job related reasons.
  2. Update or create Linkedin information
    Photo and updated career history is mandatory here because the website is a corporate and outside recruiter heaven. You may get direct offers depending on how well your profile is written. Also join appropriate Linkedin groups related to your skills. There are several SQL Server related groups on Linkedin
  3.  Cleanup or create a new account on all social media websites
    Especially groom Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and change your setting to private vs public if you have alot of cleanup to do.  Do not leave questionable posts or photos that can and will diminish your job interview chances. If you are not on these three social media web sites, you might not fit in with the company culture of many potential employers and will probably diminish your job interview chances.