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Article review: ‘Big Data Certification Survey: Byte-sized data won’t satisfy our swelling appetite‘ by Cody Clark from The 2019 Spring Edition of Certification Magazine

In the article, Clark states various facts and survey results about Big Data such as:

  • The five Vs of Big Data
    • Volume: How much data is there?
    • Velocity: How quickly is new data being generated?
    • Variety: What different types of data are in the dataset?
    • Veracity: How reliable and/or accurate is the data?
    • Value: What can the data be used to determine or accomplish?
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated in 2018 there are 119k+ jobs in the US for “database administrators” or individuals who “use specialized software to store and organize data.”
  • Growth in the data field over the next 10 years is projected at 11 percent. Or an estimated 13k+ more jobs will be created by 2026.
  • Indeed and Glassdoor combined job openings for data science expertise a huge 61k+.

Hmmm… Growth for jobs in the data field over the next 10 years at 11 percent, 13k+ more future jobs and 61k+ current job openings looks awesome. Right?

Some not so great survey results in Clark’s article:

  • A whopping 76 percent of Big Data professionals are concerned that there’s about to be more data than we can productively store and manage.
  • Only 32 percent of Big Data professionals satisfied with current salary.
  • 0% of Big Data professionals responded they got excellent value for the price paid to get a Big Data certification.

Hmmm… 76% of Big Data professionals are concerned about data storage and data management. This should be a BIG RED FLAG for all IT managers and executives. Hey DBAs and data professionals better make sure your concerns are being heard by upper management. Right?

Thumbs up for this article on Big Data certification!

fyi ‘Survey says’ is a famous line from the Family Feud TV game show or perhaps not as well known as as a song by The Dismemberment Plan.