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Webinar review of: Troubleshooting Performance Issues with SQL Server Agent by K. Brian Kelley and Louis Diaz-Delgado

K. Brian Kelley is a data architect and Louis Diaz-Delgado is an engineer at JAMS.

According to the webcast abstract: “… SQL Server Agent can have its share of issues that negatively impact the organization. In this webinar we’ll take a look at how to troubleshoot SQL Server Agent issues.”.

Points discussed

  • SQL Sever Agent dislikes
    • Hard to see a global job schedule
    • Job status tracking is hard
    • Lacks tools to check or alert based on job duration
    • Job credentials are hard to use
    • OS job step handling is difficult
  • Job Metadata includes Jobs, Job Steps, Job Schedules and Job History.
  • Understanding Job Processing such as SQL Server vs. OS Job Step, Job Owner Impact, Schedules and Credentials.
  • SQL Server agent performance monitoring is possible with usual tools like custom scripts, Extended Events and valuable PerfMon counters. But those tools are not easy to get statistics and reports needed. Home-Grown Metrics are needed in most cases.
  • The JAMS Scheduler was demoed to show how you can automate SQL Server Job Agent tasks and performance issues. In addition, many of SQL Server agent limtations can be automated.

SQL Server agent performance, automation and limitation issues are rarely written about so this webinar covered quite a few points you need to know. Right?

I give the webinar ‘Troubleshooting Performance Issues with SQL Server Agent’ by K. Brian Kelley and Louis Diaz-Delgado a thumbs up.


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