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Book review of: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR DUMMIES by Zeus Kerravala. The book is a short 44 pages. Note: this free ebook is a Mitel Special Edition that can be downloaded here: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR DUMMIES.

The book is not specifically geared to IT professionals but will help everyone understand the basics of digital transformation and the importance to your business.

If you are a SQL Server DBA or work in IT in any position, pay attention to the list below of 10 capabilities for your unified communications and collaboration (UCC) partner. If your work projects do not hit on most of the capabilities, you need to take a serious look at your company prospects to prosper moving forward.

Points that were discussed in the book by Kerravala include:

  • Digital transformation is when you connect people, things, and information
  • Companies are leveraging digital transformation to grow while saving money
  • Organizations that are agile and can quickly adapt to rapidly evolving market trends will become market leaders
  • 3 drivers of digital transformation
    • Empower workforce efficiency
    • Personalize the experience
    • Transform processes and business models
  • 10 capabilities for your unified communications and collaboration (UCC) partner
    • Mobile first
    • Cloud Enabled
    • Millennial Focused
    • Omni-Channel Experience
    • Full Contact Center Fuctionality
    • Open and Extensible
    • Flexible Options and Features
    • Integrated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • Track Record of Innovation
    • Robust Security
  • Employee Demographics
    • 63% Disengaged
    • 24% Actively Disengaged
    • 13% Engaged

The employee demographics statistics are right on based on the companies I worked at in my career. 10-15% of the workforce always did 90% of the work. I had a couple of jobs where I was in that disengaged category and it didn’t take long for me to move on to another company. If you are not in that top 10-15% of engaged employees at your current job, you should consider moving on to a new company or finding a new position in your company. Right?

Thumbs up for the book DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR DUMMIES by Zeus Kerravala.