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2020 Database DevOps survey says….

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Review of survey: 2020 State of Database DevOps by Redgate with many contributors.

In their words “Databases, which were formerly seen as configurable repositories much like file shares, are now seen as stateful data, controlled by code.”

I have highlighted some of the questions and responses from the survey report.

Has your organization adopted, or do you plan to adopt, DevOps across any of your IT projects?
54% have adopted across all industries but its 70% for IT, Technology, Medical, Pharmaceuticals, Media, and Retail industry sectors

What was the main obstacle to implementing DevOps in your organization?
45% reported a disruption to existing workflows/business or lack of skills

What was the greatest drawback in traditional, siloed database development?
24% Slow development and release cycles
21% Inability to respond quickly to changing business requirements

What was the greatest challenge in integrating database changes into a DevOps process?
31% Synchronizing application and database changes

What impact do you think a DevOps approach to the database would have on regulatory and compliance requirements?
57% positive impact.

How closely are Developers and DBAs integrated in teams?
23% Great – All work together effectively as one team, using standardized processes and tools
40% Good – teams collaborate, with DBAs involved on an ad hoc basis when needed
25% OK – DBAs are not really involved and only work with development when it is time for production deployment
12% Poor – DBAs are completely siloed, unaware of what is happening in development, and deploy changes to production in isolation

How do you monitor your production databases for availability, performance, and other issues?
37% – We write home-grown applications and scripts
37% – We use a third-party tool
22% – We rely on our customers to alert us when there is a problem

Seriously DBA colleagues start looking for a new career if 22% of you are relying on customers complaining!

Where are your production databases hosted?
48% – Some cloud databases which is just a slight increase from the 2019 survey

Which practices are already in place for your application or database development?
46% – Automated database deployments which is almost double the number from the 2019 survey

Which database systems do you use?
95% – Microsoft SQL Server

How frequent are product deployments, on average?
49% – Daily, weekly or on demand.

How easily can team members get a code review for database code changes?
55% – Easy

How many database deployments are canceled or returned to development late in the software development lifecycle?
57% – less than 2% cancelled late

How many database deployments take place when the system is live for users?
55% – All, nearly all, or most.

How often do you have regularly scheduled downtime for your database?
36% – Never while 10% responded daily.

Quite an improvement from the good ole days before DevOps where every day downtime was about 95%!

How do you approach unexpected database code defects in production which are caused by deployments?
32% – Restore backup or snapshot of production prior to a deployment
28% – Roll forward or triage, assess, and plan for defects
21% – We use a pre-prepared formal rollback plan or down / undo script to revert the change

Which of these must you provide for change review or approval of production database deployments?
54% – Overview of what will be deployed
54% – Business reason for deployment
44% – Impacted applications and / or services
44% – Risk assessment of deployment
44% – Code or steps which will be deployed

Must a Change Approval Board approve your changes?
46% – yes for Financial Services and Insurance

How many of your database deployments need hot fixing, or coding and deploying an immediate fix to an urgent defect introduced by the change?
70% – Less than 10% using

The survey report also points out shifts in responses from the 2019 report. I give the report “2020 State of Database Monitoring” a thumbs up. Right?


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