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DBAs Git ‘er done again

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Topics discussed in 3 articles on Basic GIT for DBAs by Steve Jones. Jones works for Redgate Software and manages

Basic Git for DBAs: Getting Started with Git
Installing Software
Beginning to Track Files
Adding Files to a Repo
Making Changes
Summary and Moving Forward
Other Resources

Basic Git for DBAs: Sharing Files Through GitHub
What’s a Remote?
Linking to GitHub
Granting Access in GitHub

Basic Git for DBAs: The Basics of Branches by Steve Jones
What is a Branch?
Creating a Branch
Switching Branches
Sharing a Branch
Pulling a New Branch

I have noted the topics covered in each of the 3 articles by Jones. Each topic discussed has valuable information for the novice Git user of which many DBAs fall into. Jones gives many examples, exercises and other resources for you to continue trying to Git it.

I give all 3 articles on Basic GIT for DBAs by Steve Jones a thumbs up!

DBA colleagues you can Git ‘er done! Right?

Also see blog post from 5/16/19: DBAs will git it after reading this!


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