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Webinar review of “Help! My SQL Server Maintenance Takes Too Long!” by Argenis Fernandez and Brent Ozar. Fernandez is a Principal Field Solutions Architect for Pure Storage. Ozar is Founder/Owner of Brent Ozar Unlimited. The webinar was sponsored by Pure Storage.

In their words “In this session, Brent will give you three queries to run on your SQL Server to make sure you’re focused on the right problems. We’ll figure out how fast your backups are really going (and why), whether nightly index maintenance actually makes sense for you or not, and whether your hardware is suffering from serious performance issues.”

Here’s some of the key points covered by Ozar:

  • Lots of overnight SQL Server activity in maintenance windows due to Backups, Index rebuilds, Stats update, Corruption checking, and User jobs like ETL and reports.
  • Do SQL Server maintenance faster.
  • Checking for logical and physical corruption on SQL Server is the number 1 maintenance task.
  • Ola Hallengren scripts are robust and a must in the SQL Server toolbox.
  • Watch out for lots of outdated and mis-understood advice even in the SQL Server books online.
  • Are we even checking for corruption?
  • Do we even have a read issue?
  • How much can we lose?
  • Backups can be sped up by striping it across files.
  • Microsoft SQL Server software assurance has a few extra benefits worth using to reduce costs.

Here’s a couple of the key points covered by Fernandez:

  • SQL Server I/O is not fixed size.
  • Discussion of several Pure Storage use cases for SQL Server.

My SQL Server DBA colleagues, all DBAs are responsible for database maintenance tasks and this webinar gives you ways to speed up that process!

I give the webinar “Help! My SQL Server Maintenance Takes Too Long!” by Argenis Fernandez and Brent Ozar a thumbs up. Right?

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