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Can Data Science decide Chicago-style deep dish pizza is better than New York-style thin crust?

An interesting article about using data science to find an answer to a seemly simple question from the Grubhub CEO .. Is Chicago-style deep dish pizza better than New York-style thin crust?

Here’s some quotes from the article: HOW GRUBHUB ANALYZED 4,000 DISHES TO PREDICT YOUR NEXT ORDER

  • … algorithm can look across a country’s worth of take-out orders.
  • The problem was the data. It was the menus. Nobody’s dishes matched, each one was unique.
  • 90 percent of the work involved is cleaning and organizing the data itself.
  • According to Grubhub, Chicagoans order deep dish pizza 722 percent more than in any other place in the United States.
  • Data can tell you what people order the most, but it still can’t tell you, objectively, what kind of pizza is the best.

Data Science has so many possibilities especially for SQL Server DBAs working with corporate data all day long. Have you been looking at your own data in different ways recently?

  • Can you predict what type or size or location of existing customers might buy a certain product or add-on service?
  • Can you target new customers that might buy your products or services?
  • Maybe you should think on that!