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Is this brilliant career advice or what? Right?

There is a great interview at the CNBC website: LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner shares advice on leadership, hiring and…. Note that the full interview with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is about 45 minutes. As the top executive at LinkedIn, Weiner manages more than 14,000 employees.

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner makes some brilliant statements during the CNBC interview:

  • No superstars will ever say they can’t do the job.
  • Firing someone or switching their roles is better than leaving them sit in a role they can’t do.
  • You can’t let emotions for a person rule how you manage them.
  • Get a good nights sleep, workout, meditate, get home for dinner on time.
  • Reduce email by sending less email.
  • Wisdom without compassion is ruthlessness and compassion without wisdom is folly.
  • Making a connection in an interview will get you the job when all else is equal.
  • If only one interview question is allowed: What’s your ultimate dream job? Never say the job I’m applying for.
  • How you get results is as important as getting results.
  • Manager, lack of friends, no sense of belonging and no challenges cause employees to leave.
  • Switching jobs multiple times in a short period of time is a red flag.
  • Be ready for the next play after every play.
  • Know what you want to accomplish and surround yourself with great people.
  • Don’t take a job for money or title. Make sure the job will help you accomplish your career goal.
  • Enjoy the process of learning even when your don’t have the experience for an assignment.

It’s a thumbs up and must listen for this interview! Executives, managers and HR must listen to the entire interview. All workers will wish their CEO was like Weiner! Right?