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This is a webinar review: 5 Critical Considerations When Migrating Data to the Cloud by Kevin Kline, Mike Wood, Brian Knight. Kevin Kline is a Principal Program Manager at SentryOne. Mike Wood ia a Lead Cloud Engineer at SentryOne. Brian Knight is the founder of Pragmatic Works.

Kline, Wood and Knight discussed high level points to consider when migrating SQL Server data to the cloud. As with most migrations there are many ways and tools to assist in a migration. Moving SQL Server data and applications to the cloud has multiple options too.

  • It’s importance to review and cleanser your SQL Server data before a major migration
    • Dump the garbage SQL Server data for leaner, cleaner and faster performance.
    • Think about any special compliance requirements such as HIPPA, PCI, PII, GDPR, etc.
    • Good time to check T-SQL stored procs and other SQL Server artifacts for clean and optimized code.
  • Fully document your SQL Server data sources and metadata
    • Consider Data lineage origins and where SQL Server data moves over time.
  • Choose different tools and techniques to actually move SQL Server data
    • Backup / restore
    • Import / export
    • Replication
    • Amount of acceptable downtime will determine best solution<./li>
  • How to test SQL Server data for fidelity
    • Make sure to test for month end, year end, special one-time processes.
  • How to maintain parallel systems during transition
    • Cloud version of SSIS is a useful tool.
    • Queue based data writes allows local and cloud systems data syncs.
  • Summary
    • Some processes are slightly different in the cloud, but many are similar processes.
    • Azure has a hybrid option that AWS and Google does not have.
    • SQL Server in the cloud is gonna happen! Right?

Many other tips and tricks on cloud computing and performance are discussed during the webinar. E.g. You do not want your app and data in different data centers or you will incur additional costs. Thumbs up for this webinar on ‘5 Critical Considerations When Migrating Data to the Cloud’ by Kevin Kline, Mike Wood, Brian Knight.

HIPPA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
PCI – Purchase card inititive compliance
PII – Personal Identifiable information
GDPR – Euro regulations for PII

So DBAs… your head is in the cloud now. Right?


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