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DBAs were you eager to get started?

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Article review of Dear Past Me on My First Day as a DBA by Pam Mooney. Mooney is a Senior Database Administrator who works for a financial institution in the St. Louis area who loves teaching, automating processes, mentoring, and investigating obscure parts of SQL Server

In her words “… what I would tell me “then”, knowing what I know now.”.

Nice article by Mooney that discusses what a new DBA just getting started might encounter. Mooney offers helpful hints, websites, resources and people you should trust as a new DBA.

Mooney lists these SQL Server gurus as people she trusts and is on her mental go-to list.

  • Query tuning issues – Erik Darling, Brent Ozar, Kevin Kline
  • Security – Denny Cherry
  • Deadlocks – Jonathan Kehayias
  • Query Store – Erin Stellato
  • SQL Server on a SAN – David Klee
  • HA/DR – Allan Hirt, David Klee
  • Replication – Hilary Cotter
  • Isolation levels – Kendra Little, Bob Pusateri
  • Indexing – Kimberly Tripp, Kendra Little
  • Window functions – Kathi Kellenberger

A helpful hint that I would add: Beware (i.e. stay away) of people that are not willing to share information or refuse to discuss how they got to a solution. Many people are fearful of losing their jobs to the new guy.

I give the article “Dear Past Me on My First Day as a DBA” a thumbs up! Right?

DBAs do you remember how eager you were to get started?


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