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Book review of “Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work . . . Wherever You Are” by Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel. Pozen teaches at MIT Sloan School of Management. Samuel is a tech speaker and data journalist.

In their words “You can thrive and excel when you’re working remotely, if you adopt the mindset, habits and tech tools of professionals who are even more productive outside the office: Learn to think like a “business of one,” and that entrepreneurial mindset will transform your experience of remote work.”

Here’s some of the ideas discussed by Pozen and Samuel.

  • Focus on outcomes, not hours
  • Let go of the nine-to-five workday
  • Wow your boss while working remotely
  • Gain control over how and when you work
  • Set expectations for your hours and availability
  • Fewer meetings with punctuated collaboration
  • Build your own performance file
  • Balance professional goals with personal priorities
  • Eliminate wasted effort by drafting tentative conclusions
  • Protect your schedule from back-to-back meetings

Check out Figure 16.2 that lists the right balance between office and remote time.
Office time

  • collaboration
  • infrastructure
  • expertise
  • kick offs
  • touch points
  • one on ones
  • culture
  • FOMO
  • social connection
  • jumpstarts

Remote time

  • concentration
  • inspiration
  • tedious tasks
  • inclusiveness
  • time shifting
  • cancel the commute
  • family
  • sensory load
  • logistics
  • regeneration

My fellow DBA colleagues, this book will help you thrive and excel whether you’re working remotely or at the office.

I give the book “Remote, Inc.: How to Thrive at Work . . . Wherever You Are” by Robert C. Pozen and Alexandra Samuel, a thumbs up. Right?

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