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Disruptions of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Dear DBA colleagues,

The disruptions of Coronavirus (COVID-19) have been and will continue to be far reaching to everyone. The disruptions have reached panic levels and will get worse!

DBAs you have been preparing for disasters all your career. I hope!

I have lived through recession, high inflation, year 2000 crisis, Asian Flu, HIV / Aids, Influenza, Polio, Ebola, Swine Flu, 911, wars, layoffs, and hundreds of other corporate disruptions. But after every disruption I encountered, my life did return to normal. Yes, there were many changes during and after the disruptions. Yes, change always freaks out many of you. Yes, Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing disruptive changes now and in the future that will affect your life and work going forward.

It’s hard to believe that after so many past disruptions, there are still many companies and departments of the government that do not have a good High Availability and Disaster Recovery plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19).

DBAs, your job is a series of disruptions on a daily, hourly and minute by minute basis. You are well prepared for disaster. You trained hard to resolve big disasters. So, take a breath, look at what life will be a year from now or 10 years from now or when you retire. I retired by overcoming all the disruptions in my career. It will get better!

Now is the time for all good DBAs to come to the aid of their colleagues:

  • Review or document (really you never documented it?) all procedures, processes and scripts related to High Availability and Disaster Recovery.
  • Test, test and test some more on all High Availability and Disaster Recovery procedures, processes and scripts.
  • Work with other IT departments to make sure your idea of High Availability and Disaster Recovery matches theirs.
  • Work with your line of business managers to make sure your idea of High Availability and Disaster Recovery matches theirs.
  • Plan now to upgrade and expand capabilities of your current systems to sustain unusually high volumes or no volume.
  • Make sure your security is airtight and infallible.
  • Make plans if your home internet goes down (you cannot sit in Starbucks or Panera due to take out only!)
  • Think outside the box so you won’t be blind-sided by a once in a lifetime act of God in the future.

DBA colleagues please stay calm, stay safe, stay healthy, get your sleep and exercise. Remain positive, brace yourself for the worse and plan for the better future. Right?



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